Composer Byron Au Yong ( and Playwright Jennifer Haley ( will be leading a series of workshops as a part of a week-long residency at Rutgers-Newark to develop content for an original music-theatre work about social media.

The workshop is designed for students curious about theater as a professional path as well as those who want to invigorate their chosen fields with innovative approaches to public presentations. Using a combination of social media and theater-making exercises, participants will gain an understanding of the challenges of telling stories in the digital age. Participants will work on videos as well as writing and performing exercises that involve social media and live performance.

Along with hands-on activities, discussion sessions will include topics such as ethics, intimacy, personalization, consumerism and citizenship within the internet. Participants will learn different performance methods and storytelling techniques. Workshop leaders will emphasize creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to identify stories and performance techniques that most powerfully convey the experience of communication in the 21st century.

Haley and Yong will also be working very closely with undergraduates in the Rutgers-Newark Department of Arts, Culture, and Media.

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