Seminar on Migration and the Global City

With the support of a grant from The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, CMGC will host a seminar for a multidisciplinary cohort of faculty and advanced graduate students whose work engages migration. The seminar will convene for four sessions in each semester of 2010-2011. In advance of each session a text (or texts) will be distributed to all participants that will provide the focus for that session. Seminar members may submit current research for discussion and feedback, or propose a key text on migration with resonance for the rest of the participants. All Rutgers faculty and graduate students will be eligible to apply to participate in the seminar for one or both semesters. In addition to providing a forum for advancing faculty scholarship, the goal of the seminar is to build an intellectual community of migration scholars and stimulate collaborative research across academic disciplines, and generate the agenda for an international conference on migration in 2011.

Scholarly Initiatives