The Center’s compass is oriented by our location. CMGC is situated on the Newark campus of a public university, in a state with the nation’s third highest percentage of immigrant residents; 1.75 million foreign-born residents who account for 20.1% of the State’s total population. New Jersey’s immigrant population is particularly diverse in compari-son with the rest of the country. Although nearly half of New Jersey’s immigrants are Latino, the State’s foreign-born residents originate from nearly 100 different countries and speak more than 165 languages. The material effects of these statistics are apparent on the Rutgers-Newark campus—a migratory hub that has been designated the most diverse national university in the United States for the past 13 years by U.S. News and World Report. The city of Newark itself owes its rich history to a continuous cycle of immigration; to migrants from England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the Jewish and African diasporas. The immigrant communities that created Newark’s past, and the immigrant communities represented by the university’s student body, will, together, shape the future of the city and the state. The Center— by virtue of its location, its student body, and its multidisciplinary cohort of faculty whose research focuses on urban and immigrant issues—is uniquely situated to document the past, present, and future impact of migration on Newark, the region, and the state.

Initiatives and Partnerships