As a scholarly resource for researchers from the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, CMGC promotes comparative, multidisciplinary research and pedagogy that addresses the following questions:

1. How are processes of globalization and transnationalism influencing the migration of capital, people, culture, and information?
2. In what ways are these processes altering the institutional landscape of education, housing, health care, politics, and media in New Jersey, the U.S., and abroad?
3. How can those in the policy and legal arenas address the new challenges these processes pose for equal access to these institutions and the economic opportunities they determine?
4. How do these new migratory flows impact ethnic, religious, race and gender relations in schools, neighborhoods, and civic institutions?
5. How should we conceive of “citizenship” when people inhabit more than one country, or define “community” when people no longer bound by geographical proximity forge multiple collective affiliations?
6. What is the nature of communication in a multilingual, multicultural, and multimedia environment?
7. What are the objectives of education when a pluralized civic life and work place require diversifed competencies, knowledge, and values?