Ulla D. Berg
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Professor Berg is a socio-cultural anthropologist working on communicative practices in the context of transnational migration between Peru and the US. She is interested in mobile livelihoods, the sociality of transnational connections, the performance of affect, and notions of belonging and membership, and the practicalities and ontologies of multi-sites fieldwork. She is currently working on a book manuscript on new media practices and transnational life among Peruvian migrants in the US. She is a co-editor of El Quinto Suyo: Transnacionalidad y Formaciones Diaspóricas en la Migración Peruana (IEP, 2005) and my articles have been published in Revista Academia Diplomática Peruana, Latino Studies, and Journal for Ethnic and Migration Studies, among others. At Rutgers, she has taught courses including Latinos and Migration, Intro to Latino Studies, Anthropology of Media, and Latino Ethnography. Professor Berg is also a filmmaker and on the visual front, is currently working on two projects: The first is a new documentary project on the Peruvian poet Domingo de Ramos, which she is directing and producing. This project has just entered the first stages of editing. The second project is a collaboration with Copenhagen-based filmmaker Marta Guetierrez titled Cineclub Waleker and explores the role of cinema in rehabilitation/re-socialization of prisoners in one of the most overcrowded and dangerous prisons in Caracas, Venezuela. She has also directed, produced and edited the documentary Waiting for Miracles (2003), which follows a Peruvian Catholic brotherhood in NYC as it prepares for its yearly procession honoring the Lord of Miracles.