Mara Sidney
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Rutgers University-Newark.

Dr. Sidney’s research and teaching interests are in the fields of public policy, race and ethnicity, and urban politics. She studies political struggles to advance racial equality, and the political role that nonprofit and community-based advocacy organizations play in them. Substantively, her research has focused on issues of housing discrimination, affordable housing, and urban education. Her recent book, Unfair Housing: How National Policy Shapes Local Action (University Press of Kansas), argues that housing policies weaken the advocacy groups fighting racial inequality in housing. Current projects include a cross-national study of immigrants and housing advocacy (funded by the Russell Sage Foundation), and a comparative case study of racially diverse US suburbs.

Dr. Sidney’s research has appeared in the Urban Affairs Review, the Journal of Urban Affairs, and the Journal of Policy History. She has received research grants from the Russell Sage Foundation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Aspen Institute. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder, an M.A. from the University of Minnesota, and a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

Dr. Sidney teaches the following graduate courses: Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Politics, Cross-National Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in Politics, Public Policy Making in America. She teaches the following undergraduate courses: Urban Politics and Policy, Public Policy Analysis, Race and Ethnicity in US Politics, The Politics of Public Housing, American National Government.